Since some of my family had to work on Easter, we celebrated a day early. It was amazing. This year my mom invited her friends, Sheila and Harold to join the festivities. Not only did Sheila make an incredible coconut pound cake (I must remember to get the recipe!), she made this :

An Easter piñata!!! How cool is that?! She said it was super simple and easy to make.
Just mix together 1 part flour to 2 parts water until its like a white glue, not a paste. Just add more of either as you go.
Then tear some strips of newspaper, about an inch width. Lots of ’em.
Get a balloon and blow it up as large as it can go and now you’re ready!
Dip the strips into the paste, smooth off the excess and start covering your balloon, but leave a small spot bare on top. Let it dry and then add your next layer, and then another.
Once it’s set, pop the balloon from the bare spot and you can get to decorating! (Once you finished making your piñata fancy, don’t forget to fill it with candy!)

So thoughtful that she went out of her way to make that. The wee ones of the family had blast taking a whack at it. I thought it was very sweet.

I am now going to try and wake up the birthday boy so we can continue his celebration (We went out with our friends last night as well…I’ll share that later ;] ). Wish me luck!

Have a beautiful day!

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