First Times.

The boyfriend and I didn’t quite make it to brunch, but we were able to do a double date for lunch. We went to this cute restaurant downtown called La Cocina ( Translation: the kitchen). It’s surrounded by different shops, the patio has loads of seating and a stage for live bands. The food was tasty and the portions were generous. I definitely want to give it another go and try some of the other dishes.

What was supposed to be a quick trip my cousins’, turned into an excursion to the International Wildlife Museum.

It was Adrian’s first time, and being the bleeding heart animal lover he is, it took some getting use to for him. We all enjoyed it. It would’ve been even better if my allergies didn’t attack me in the middle if our visit. After my fifth sneeze jn a row, Billy (my cousin) yelled, “Shut Up!”. Classic Billy. It echoed, which made us laugh harder. We had some strange looks.

Now my Adrian and I are home watching Pulp Fiction. We haven’t had any daytime dates in awhile, I’ve missed them.

Till tomorrow…clear breathing and sweet dreams.

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