Turn It Out Tuesday: Fitness Edition

I’m sad I wasn’t able to make a dish to share with you today. Mama Bear and I decided to hold off till next week since I’m feeling like poo and since we hadn’t chosen a recipe (I’m telling you, these allergies are ruining my life!)

Being the wonderful Mama that she is, she did come by for a visit. She even brought me a Food Network Magazine for me to peruse. Already found a handful of recipes that I’m excited to try, and I don’t think I can wait till next week!

And these bad boys couldn’t wait another minute to be ran in.

As we get to know each other, you’ll learn that Adrian likes bold and colorful things especially shoes. PS He says these shoes are extremely comfortable.

Once he got home from work, we decided to go out for a jog…

It felt really good to get back into a stride and inhale the cool air. A part of me did get a little down. I wouldn’t have ever called myself a “gym rat”, but I was fitness enthusiast. I still am, but I’m no where near as active as I was. Major bummer. The run we did would’ve been a warm up before, but I definitely had to push myself to finish this one. Though I have that little voice in the back of my head telling me “how could you let yourself go?”, I’m choosing to ignore it. Tomorrow I will continue and push myself harder. Positive thoughts. Just need to get my groove back.

Now to look up new music to update my playlist! ( That’s motivation enough for me!)

Breathe easy and sweet thoughts ❤

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