My groove is still a work in progress. Luckily I worked out earlier today, so when Adrian came home not feeling well I didn’t feel so bad not going on our run ( that’s a lie I feel guilty! But what’s done is done). Although my glutes and legs are thankful for the rest. To make sure I don’t make excuses, I’m loading up all my gear to have ready. That way as soon as work is done, we can head out on our run!

I did try making a dessert that Sheila gave me. However, my substitutions to the recipe I don’t think quite worked. Before I post it, I want to make it again the “right” way. She made it, and it was delicious! Mine…Adrian liked it, but I think he knew I was disappointed with it. Hahaha

Tomorrow is another day to try.

I’ll leave you with this:

Since its Wednesday and I’ve just been introduced to the wonder that is Duck Dynasty, enjoy these quackers. There’s something I find so comforting when I watch it…I think the beards and camo remind me of my step-Dad/uncles hahaha. Either way it’s enjoyable.

Breathe in the good, and out the bad ❤

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