It’s the Little Things.

By now I’m sure we all have/had or know someone with Twitter. It’s a nice way of voicing random thoughts, sharing information and keeping up with others as well (of course it sometimes can be a bit much when the same person has a different tweet every two minutes).

I believe it was yesterday, I had retweeted a post that Flavia Del Monte had shared on motivation ( Holy cow! If she’s new to you, she’s an amazing fitness expert who really focuses on women’s training. Mama Bear introduced me to her YouTube channel and then ordered us her fitness DVD. She will kick your butt!). As I had shared, I’m in need of motivation big time and her tweet spoke to me. Thinking nothing of it, I retweeted it myself.

To my surprise, I check my email today and I see this


What the what! I know it’s silly, but I was so excited that I got a shout out. Being someone who does her workouts and views her videos, it was so nice to see that she appreciated something as small as a retweet. Maybe I’m just a softy, it just really warmed my little ol’ heart.

Of course who’s the first person I call? MAMA BEAR! Hahaha She was excited too, thought it was sweet. I told Adrian, but he didn’t understand who it was until I said, “Flavilicious !“.

Speaking of which! For some resistance and weight training tips visit her website: OR you can visit her channel Flaviadelmonte on YouTube. Great circuit workouts updates every week, so it helps you switch up your routine.

This probably sounds like an infomercial, and I truly don’t mean to be. Her advice and the workouts have just really worked for me and I use to hate weight training! Just had to share my experience and some info with you 👍

Thanks for being part of me having a fan girl moment!

Breathe easy ❤

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