Last night was all about simplicity. We had salad galore at home, but needed something else to kick it up a notch. Thankfully I remembered there was a recipe in the Food Network Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 that I had been wanting to try. Buffalo Chicken dip. Yes, yes and yes! Not only was it delicious, it was easy peasy to make:

Mix together 4 ounces of cream cheese(softened), 1/2 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of hot sauce; then mix in 2 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken. Place mixture in a small baking dish, sprinkle with celery seeds, chopped scallions and shredded cheddar and bake at 425 degrees until bubbly for 20 minutes.
( I actually sprinkled some cheddar in the mixture and skipped the celery seeds.) Then of course, you can serve with carrot and celery sticks. We ate them with Triscuits and a salad. So tasty!

Cut to the highlight of the evening…JURASSIC PARK 3D!!! I remember seeing it in the movie theater when it first released,many moons ago, and has always been a favorite. Lucky for me, Adrian shares the same love for the movie. We could not pass it up in 3D! Though it didn’t have any added scenes, it was still amazing. We would whisper our favorite lines (in each others ears, i would never talk out loud during a movie!) and nudge each other when an exciting part was coming next. It was a fun night.

Let me know if you ever try out the recipe or if you even try it with a different sauce!

Hope your day is amazing!
Deep breaths ❤

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