Lovely Weather and a Short Day.

Ever since I missed one post, I feel like I’m playing catch up! I guess I didn’t realize how invested I’ve become in this. :] As happy as that makes me, I can’t handle the anxiety of being behind on this hahaha That being said, it will be a Two for One Sunday! Yay! (Maybe I’ll make that a thing…Twofer Sunday haha)

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside. Clear skies and a nice breeze. Too bad I’ve been stuck inside at work most of the day. Right now I’m on lunch and I’m soaking it up! Thankfully my day is almost done and then I can pick up Adrian from work too. I’m really hoping that I can talk him into going to Reid Park to go for a run. We can’t waste this weather! Soon enough it will be unbearable to do anything outside until night. Fingers crossed!
Since this is random already, here’s a pic I took before bed:

It makes me giggle. We were wrestling around in the living room, and Bella decided to join in the fun. Precious.

Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday!

Inhale deep ❤

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