Spaghetti Surprise.

When I picked up my Adrian, I could tell he had a long day. As we were deciding what would be for dinner, a light bulb went off in my head. Spaghetti.
He’s a pastaholic. I’m almost positive if he could, he’d have spaghetti everyday. Its not my favorite and I usually vote against it. The only time I make it is “special” occasions or if we haven’t had it in months. Imagine his surprise when I suggested it. He was shocked. He actually thought I was pulling a fast one on him!
So out we went to get all the fixings! I don’t want to toot my own but…toot toot :] It came out pretty well ( even though the bread may have been a bit toasty. Oops).
Now even five hours later, we’re both still feel full. Eeks- and the mosquitos are starting to emerge!!! Grrrrreat!
Tummies are happy and I hope dinner helped lift his spirits a little. I know I usually give him a hard time to bust his chops, but I love the stinker.

Sweetest dreams ❤

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