Goodness Gracious.

Finally…finally, all my patience paid off! All the applications I’ve sent out into the world, I got asked for an interview. FINALLY!!!

As if that hadn’t already made my day, we went in a run after work(finally)! Two miles is a great start to getting back on track. It was challenging, but it felt good. Even when I wanted to slow it down, Adrian was there to keep me motivated and push me. I can’t wait to go tomorrow!

Then in the blink of an eye, my clear sinuses become stuffy(the allergies went away and today has been a constant windstorm) and my excitement turned into anxiety.
All of these things just flooded my mind: complete application on website, gather supervisor numbers, think of my best work accomplishment…do I have an outfit? How am I gonna print my info? Why can’t I breathe!?
I got the application done, but even that was stressing me out. Confession time: This is my ticket out of my current situation, and I want everything to go well so I can do just that. It doesn’t help that I have an over active imagination and I’m an over thinker. So then all these other things go through my mind, and I start doubting myself. *sigh*

As easy as it could be to ride the negativity wave, I’m refusing to let it get the better of me. I will be confident and be open to whatever happens. Who knows what this could lead to…right?

Wish me luck!

Steady breaths ❤

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