My Nose vs. The World

Dear Wind, Why won’t you go away?
You may have heard me mention complain about my allergies a time or two. Just as they were starting to clear up, Southern Arizona decides it would be funny to have wanna be tornados the past 3 days. My sinuses weren’t really bothering me until last night. I guess running in the dust storms made me inhale the crap all over again. Boo!

With no medicine left, my nose was going haywire and I wanted to scratch my eyes out. No bueno. Even after I finally got my meds, it wasn’t helping. I went to visit Mama Bear at my Tia’s (aunt) house and the first thing she says, “What in the world is wrong with you? You look like hell!” Thanks Mom.

After spending sometime with the fam, I took their advice and decided to invest in a Netti Pot (It’s like a mini kettle. The spout goes up one nostril, you tilt your head to the side and out comes the water from the other one ). I was a little hesitant at first, but in desperate need for some relief.

To my surprise, it worked! Of course it took some getting used to. I may have gotten some in my ear and accidentally breathed some in, but I did it. The only downside was the five minute sneeze attack I had about ten minutes after I finished it. Those five minutes felt like an eternity. So far so good. Nose feels clean as a whistle!

Enjoy the pic of these precious kitties (no, I’m not allergic. Shocking, right?). I found them in our shed, and Mama Bear took them into her care. They’re the sweetest.

I’m crossing my fingers it all goes away. I hate when my allergies act up. It’s almost as bad as having a cold in the summer time.

Off to take my meds! Here’s hoping you had a healthy and happy Wednesday!

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