The Softer Side.

I did it- I finished my taxes! Yay! That wasn’t the only highlight from last night. My Ipsy Glambag arrived!!! (Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription. You’re sent up to five sample beauty products and a make-up bag.)

This has been my fourth month with Ipsy, and I must say it has not disappointed me. Most all of the items I’ve used. I think there’s only been one thing I haven’t really liked. Its introduced me to different brands and items I typically wouldn’t buy. It worth it. However, Adrian may disagree. He’s worried that he’ll be losing counter space hahaha


I’m going to let my girlie flag fly freely- I enjoy this stuff! I’m a sucker for all beauty and fashion things. I can’t help it! I love trying out different styles and experimenting with colors. Granted my normal beauty regime is pretty basic, and I don’t dress up everyday (as much as I love fashion, I could live in my workout clothes). Still, when I do I like going the whole nine yards.

Speaking of girlie, I even got to go shopping after work today too! Sometimes retail therapy is the best therapy (besides running of course ;] ). There’s just something about buying a new shirt or pants..I missed it. Hahaha

I’m thinking in future posts, once a week(or maybe monthly?) will be a “beauty blog”. Just because I like sharing my finds, and (how else could i tell you that I’m obsessed with my mint green nail polish?) because I can :]

Sending happy thoughts and sweet dreams!

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5 thoughts on “The Softer Side.

  1. Love your blog! Check out mine, maybe you’ll find something that sparks your interest and you’ll follow me! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  2. healthiestbeauty says:

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  3. Must Have Boxes says:

    The Ipsy bag was amazing this month. I love all of the pink products.

    – KW

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