Whatever good juju or lucky vibes you sent out worked! Adrian came out ahead and in turn that meant I didn’t have to go home with a Mr. Grumpy Pants. I feel like we both came out winners lol


This was accidental, but I really like it. And- check out the cool light fixtures!

Even though I didn’t gamble much, it was still a great time. Oh, and the people watching! Amazing! You see all walks of life and definitely some interesting fashion choices. I like making up life stories for people, it entertains me. Anyone else do that?

Now I’m just enjoying the weather outside while I wait for Adrian. I was offered VGH (voluntary go home), and I just couldn’t resist! It just means I’ll be out here awhile. Oh well, I’d rather be out here then stuck inside with fluorescent lighting any time! Am I right, or am I right? ;]

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