Sugar, oh honey honey.

This afternoon was beautiful! Took a leisurely walk around my works complex and caught up on blog reads. Then off to the market (FOOD!) As happy as I was that we were grabbing stuff to make dinner, I was having a battle with my inner monster…the Sugar Monster :/

I couldn’t help it! I needed a quick, sweet fix. Off to the candy aisle I ventured. Was it delicious? Yes. Do I regret it? Well…It wasn’t my proudest moment. *sigh* I’m almost positive the monster has subsided. I drank two huge glasses of water, and I immediately felt better. Just had to satisfy my craving.

So here we are now. Catching up on our recorded shows (I’m telling you, I can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty) and trying not to fall asleep. I’m so happy tomorrow is my Friday.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Time to hit the hay and snuggle.

Bella took advantage that I had forgotten to pick up my robe this morning and made herself comfortable. I love this face!

Sweetest dreams and easy breathing ❤

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2 thoughts on “Sugar, oh honey honey.

  1. The sugar monster can be pretty persuasive! At least you stopped at one though! 🙂

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