Cry Baby.

As you know (or are finding out now), I usually do my postings before bed time. I also like to give you a heads up if something comes up; not that it’s a big deal, but it’s polite and I prefer to keep this up to date. Last night I just couldn’t do it.

We had just got done watching Bully…after the first 20 minutes I welled up with tears. This continued throughout the remainder of the movie. It was so upsetting and unsettling to see and hear what these kids have endured. I just wanted to reach through the TV and hug them, then shake those administrators for turning a blind eye. Something about the movie just struck a cord in me.

Perhaps it’s because my cousin’s son has had issues with bullying. Seeing my cousin and Aunt go through the frustration and the “politics” was awful. It was unfortunate that the particular school didn’t make any changes, however at least now he’s at a new school which does not take bullying lightly. No tolerance for any bullying and a safe environment has given everyone more peace of mind.

Maybe it was my own school experiences. I went through my share of exclusion and not being able to fit in. Though I never shared my bad days with anyone, I always knew I could count on my Mom for a big hug and words of wisdom(if I asked). As I got older I was able to find my way (I made it a point not to pigeon hole myself in cliques), and I was lucky enough to have my cousins.

*deep breath* I just hope by the time ( if I ever have kids) that they don’t have to go through any of that nonsense. By then maybe kids will be different and less cruel, if at all. If for some reason there still is a bullying problem, I hope my child won’t tolerate it and stand up for themselves and others ( peacefully of course).

Watch it. Tell me your thoughts. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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