Mama Bear and I whipped up not one, but TWO different recipes for the day! It was like we were making up for lost kitchen time.20130417-211729.jpgLike my apron? Oh, and that’s Tiger. The kitties have now been named! *Not shown is Boots.

First dish was a Spinach Lasagna that I found on epicurious.com(This site always has interesting and fun dishes.) We didn’t follow the whole recipe, and made a few adjustments. That’s the fun of cooking, right? It was great! There’s a subtle hint of lemon, that brings out the sweetness of the onion without being overwhelming. We made a big pan, so I was able to take some home to my Adrian and my Tia’s didn’t have to make dinner. Even they liked it! My Tia Margie sent me a text message with her seal of approval. Score!

Then we decided to try out a gluten free Sweet Potato Brownie recipe. Sounds cray cray right? It is! Hahaha But it doesn’t taste bad. They’re definitely not your typical brownie. The consistency is more on the moist side, but not quite cake like. The recipe called for Coconut Flour. Say what!

20130417-213723.jpg Since I had to go to Sprout’s for the flour I decided to try the coconut milk too (plus the oil is suuuuuper moisturizing! I actually made foot scrubs out of it for Christmas. Do I smell a DIY post coming soon? Hahaha). Coconut has amazing health benefits, and the flour is what gives it that moist texture. The consensus was the flavor is a mix of coffee and pumpkin. Maybe next time we could try a different cocoa powder or just more chocolate chips.

All in all, today was a kitchen success and a nice time with the familia. I’m trying to keep my mind clear, and to not think negatively about going into work tomorrow. These past two days went too fast 😦

Oh well. We’ll make it a good day 👍

Soothing thoughts and calm breaths ❤

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