Making the Most of Monday.

Yes, I did hit the snooze button twice this morning but I was able to get up and do a morning workout (Bella and Adrian looked so comfortable snuggled up. It wasn’t easy to get my butt out of that bed!). Was it amazing? HECK YES! I’ve missed those a.m workouts, and it let me zone out and prepare mentally for Monday.

I have mixed emotions about Mondays. Technically it’s my Friday, however the stigma of it being inevitably crappy stands true. Since the beginning of the day there’s been constant system issues, and no signs of them clearing. On most days I would already have an eye twitch and waiting for my head to explode. Well…my head still may explode, but no eye twitch ( I thank my morning exercise for that) !

I’ve been taking as many deep breaths as possible without causing myself to pass out or hyperventilate. Staying positive is continuous work, but as long as your trying that’s what counts.

Anyone having a case of the Mondays? ;]

Hoping today is treating you well!


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