We Made It!!!

Hooray- we survived another Monday! It crossed my mind to leave work early, but I some how stuck it out. *sigh of relief*

Cut to now: Adrian and I are playing Minecraft with Billy (my cousin, but he’s more like a brother). Billy has been raving about this game for the past week or so. Since its multiplayer, I told him we’d give it a try. Little did I know Adrian was going to share the same enthusiasm.

The graphics are simple and squared, very eighties. It’s very similar to The Sims. You have your character, and you can go around and build your own world. They both were so excited, making elaborate plans about what to build and needing to gather supplies. My character however was still trying to figure out how to function.

20130422-235304.jpgAdrian’s the top screen. The bottom is a close up of my face.
Okay, yes I admit I kind of like it. I just ran around, chopping stuff down and making sure I didn’t die (there’s ghosts and other creatures that show up).

Tomorrow we’ve already planned another rendezvous. Our mission: build a city in the sky. We’ll see how that goes.

Off to sleep, Turn It Out Tuesday tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “We Made It!!!

  1. OMG, my 8 year old son is addictive to Minecraft! He was introduced to it by his (then) 18 year old cousin. As far as video games go, it’s not bad. At least it’s about building things. My son was a “Creeper” for Halloween. lol.

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