Happy Birthday to my Mama!

This whole blogging adventure was actually inspired by the birthday girl, Mama Bear. It all started out with her teaching me how to make lasagna, so Adrian and I could have a home cooked meal. From there it just took off. Since I didn’t want to bombard everyone’s Facebook timeline with just food pics the idea came: I could make a blog about our cooking ventures. Now here we are :]

20130428-183159.jpgThis was our first Tuesday.

My Mom and I have been close since forever. When I was younger, we’d rent foreign and indie movies and have marathons during the weekends. Then there was our shared guilty pleasure of watching reality tv shows (Love them!). Once we were no longer in the same nest, we had to find other ways to spend time together. Our first ventures included treks up Tumamoc Hill and progressed to hikes on Mt. Lemmon.

One of the greatest things about my Mom is that she’s always up for an adventure. She’s always challenging herself and isn’t afraid to try new things. It doesn’t hurt that she has one of the biggest hearts I know.

20130428-185525.jpg Old work photo(she’s since retired from the City), Us, On vacation

There you have it, my wonderful Mama. Words can’t describe how much I love and adore her. As basic as I can, it’s a LOT hahaha


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