Another Cook In the Kitchen

Sopa Seca– Translation: dry soup. Talk about an oxymoron ( if you ever mention this in front of Billy, he could go on and on how it doesn’t make sense). Basically it’s pasta, with tomato sauce and cheese. That’s it. I like to think of it as comfort food; just a simple yet filling dish. It also just so happens to be a specialty of Adrian’s.

20130502-204136.jpg For some reason it just tastes so much better when he makes it. He offered to make dinner, and am I gonna turn that down? No! Hahaha

The best thing about sopa seca is that you can’t screw it up, and it’s all open to interpretation. Your main ingredients are:
Pasta- any kind will do. We usually stick to the shells, bows or rotini.
Tomato sauce- to your liking. We use two small cans.
Cheese- cheddar, mozzarella…anything that melts nicely.
Pepper, to taste.

Cook your noodles as directed. Drain and return to pot. Add tomato sauce, stir until coated. Add pepper, stir. Stir in cheese.

You can mix in any other spices or ingredients you want! Tonight he added in some parsley, a few dashes of lemon pepper and also a can of Rotel. Then a salad for the side. Fantastic!

Big thanks to my Adrian for making a delicious dinner. Now it’s time for some unwinding.

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