Party Crashers.

As I do every day, I called Mama Bear on my lunch break. She let me know that my Tia’s were going to be heading to my Tio’s house for a little cookout; nothing big, just something to celebrate my late grandparents wedding anniversary.

So after work, Adrian and I decided to head over. Typically my cousins would be there (either Billy or Louie or both). As we drove up, no signs of their cars and that’s when we saw it was just the “grown ups”.

You know when you were younger, and either your Mom or your friends parent tried to hang out? That semi-awkward buzz kill feeling? Yep, that was Us. Hahaha

Once we said our hellos and got a drink, we got settled. It was actually really nice. We were having random conversations, I was listening to their stories…I loved it (did I mention the yummy carne asada, salsa, guacamole and beans!?).

As hesitant as I was to go, I’m glad we did. The stress if the day went away. It wasn’t until I finished my plate did the sleepiness set in. The night just made me really count my lucky stars that I have them. I’m extremely thankful.

Hoping you had great night!

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