Things Don’t Always Go as Planned

Oh how I would love the chance to sleep in…I can dream can’t I? Poop.

We couldn’t really Turnout Tuesday yesterday. Mama Bear had some non-evasive eye surgery, and had to take it easy (not to worry, she’s fine). She did start throwing out different recipe ideas AND has a cake recipe in mind too. Very excited to get back into our cooking routine.

This happened yesterday as well…

Adrian ended up getting a Kinect for the Xbox!!! It is so much fun! We haven’t bought any games yet, so we have been trying out the demos. One of them was Harry Potter for Kinect…I’ve been an HP fan since the books first were released, and it is awesome. You get to grab the Golden Snitch AND cast spells. “Swish and flick…Windgarnium leviosa!” ( Yes, I kept yelling that as we were playing, ya got me). We’ve both agreed we’ll have to buy the actual game soon hahaha

Today was pretty mellow.

My Tia’s cleaned up and made a new seat cover for Mama Bear’s quadricycle. Off she and Azura went, taking along the kitties for a little ride. It’s an enjoyable ride, but definitely a bum buster!

After the visit, I went to my interview. It went pretty well, I think. Except I just had a strange feeling. It was either nerves, or my gut telling me something…I don’t know. Hahaha Its not my dream position, but the hours would be worth it. Monday-Friday with weekends off? YES! So we’ll see how it goes…I hate the waiting game.

Side note: I just now tried to recreate a protein dessert…did NOT come out like it was supposed to. Fail. I will definitely be trying that again, because it looked delicious on the web page.

I’m hoping you’ve been well and enjoying your week!

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