Remover Review!

In my March Ipsy Glambag, I received my first La Fresh product. It was the La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover wipes. I was sold! The wipes had a great amount of saturation, and a light scent. I didn’t have to wash my face after using them; I could just go on to the next step of my regimen.

Since I used those all up I decided to try out some of the other products. Another plus is the products are Eco-friendly. The wipes are 100% biodegradable, cruelty, made with natural ingredients (no parabens, sulfates, alcohol, animal byproducts…etc.) and made in the US.

I ended up getting the Waterproof Makeup Remover and the Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover.

The makeup remover worked very well. The wipes have a great moist consistency, as well as a slight lavender scent which is very soothing. They worked great at removing the makeup, and didn’t dry out my skin. The only down side is that it leaves my face with some oily residue. I just make sure to wash my face after. Other then that, super on tough mascara!

Now if there’s one thing that I dislike about giving myself a manicure, it is definitely removing my old polish. When I saw these pads that claimed that one would do the job on all 10 nails, I was a bit skeptical. Boy was I wrong!

20130509-213824.jpgWith most non-acetone polish removers, it can take forever to remove just a pinky. Or even if some removers are meant to be conditioning, most dry out the nail and around it. These pads are amazing! Not only did it take off the polish quickly, it left my nails moisturized and conditioned. Plus it really did take only one pad to do the job! I didn’t realize it until I got it, but it’s scented fresh Tuscan orange! Smells so yummy!

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I chose. I hoping soon to order some the other wipes and give them ago. If this got your wheels turning, give the site a peep . The have so many other product wipes, it’s insane!

It’s time for me to get off my lazy bum and squeeze in some workout time before I go cuckoo.

Sweetest dreams ❤

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