Craft Fever.

Adrian and I decided we’d stay in a grill. We got some salmon and wings ( odd combo, I know) and got to it! I was prepping the sauces and salsa, and Adrian manned the grill. It was fabulous. We had the Latin Jazz station on (his favorite!), no phones or TV. It was just laid back, and we were able to enjoy each other without those other distractions. I love those type of nights.

Today I caught the craft bug. I had been watching videos on YouTube, and came across some do-it-yourself wire rings. That then lead me to Pinterest, and it was on! I went to Michael’s got supplies and could not wait to get home!

Let me apologize about my hands, yikes…anyways! I made a knuckle ring and a heart ring. The heart was more of a pain in the butt then I thought it would be. I’m going to have to try out the different variations. The midi (knuckle) ring is my favorite. It’s Adrian’s initials; I just think it looks precious. No more crafting for tonight (that heart killed me), but I’m looking forward to making more tomorrow.

Breathe easy ❤

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