Turn It Out Tuesday: Food Inspiration

It happened AGAIN…I found another recipe on fueled by vegetables that I had to try!!! Denise posts so many amazing recipes its hard to chose, but this one caught my attention immediately. Green Chile Mac n Cheese!!!!

Gypsy decided to lay in the kitchen and supervise.

Mama Bear and I love green chile and you can never go wrong with a pasta dish, so we took a crack at it. We had to stray off the original recipe, just so it wouldn’t be too spicy for my Tia’s. Nevertheless it was excellent! The aroma of the green chiles cooking is outstanding. Mmm mmm. Bonus: this time we made so much Mama Bear and I were able to take casserole dishes home and leave one for my Tia’s dinner. Yay!!!

There’s just something so comforting I find in making food for my family. Its my own way of caring for them and showing that I love them. It really makes me happy.

For the original recipe, visit fueled by vegetables . You’ll find this recipe and a bunch if others that’ll strike your fancy, I promise!

Breathing in the goodness ❤

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One thought on “Turn It Out Tuesday: Food Inspiration

  1. Denise says:

    I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for another shout out 🙂

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