It’s Friday, I’m in Love…

…with Rocco’s buffalo wings (and my Adrian of course-love you Poodle ;] )!!!

After work we headed to Rocco’s Little Chicago for some deep dish pizza and buffalo wings. Those wings are absolute perfection. I’ve been coming to this restaurant for over 10 years and its never been disappointing. If you’re ever in Tucson, I would recommend making a stop there.

Once we stuffed our faces with deliciousness, we ventured to get my step Dad’s birthday presents.

Quack, quack :] I’m hoping he likes it. Otherwise I will gladly take the DVDs off of his hands lol Does anyone else get super excited when buying gifts for people?

Ooh, aaaaand I got some free Mario Badescu samples in the mail today too! I’m super excited to try them. I’ll be keeping you posted.

Here’s a pic to giggle at:


Gypsy and I hope you had a wonderful day and even sweeter dreams!

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