Review Time: Palmolive® soft touch™

Let me get this part out of the way first:
I received these items complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are my own.

Alrighty, lets get to it!

I joined Influenster a few months just because I thought it’d be interesting. I enjoy taking the quizzes, and since there’s a chance to receive items I felt it’d be a bonus. For May, I got chosen to participate in the Palmolive Soft Touch program!

I received two full size bottles, one to keep and one to share, and coupons to share as well. I ended up with the
Aloe and Vitamin E.

I passed along the Vitamin E to Mama Bear to get her thoughts as well.

After using it for the past three weeks, I have to say I really do like it! It has a nice, light scent and it creates a lot of suds with little product. I love a bubbly soap! Plus it broke down grease and stubborn cheese like nobody’s business, score.

Since it was such a grease slayer, I didn’t think it would leave my hands moisturized but it did!

I have dry skin to begin with, and after a round of dishes my hands feel tight and look dried out. I was pretty shocked when my hands still looked nice hahaha

Mama Bear liked hers as well. She’s not big on scented things, but she said the Vitamin E wasn’t overpowering and was pleasant. My step dad even liked it, but he’d change the color haha

So the slogan, “Tough on grease, soft in hands” definitely stood the test. Once I’m out, I will be purchasing a bottle. I may try the coco butter to switch it up. You can scoop it up at Walmart, Target and most likely your grocery store.

If this struck your fancy click Palmolive Soft Touch for more product information and click here to read reviews.


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