Birthday Celebration for the Mountain Man

I know, I know…,”Another family get together?!” I can’t help it, I have a large family! Hahaha

Today we celebrated John’s ( my step dad) birthday, or as he’s lovingly referred to the Mountain Man. He’s an outdoorsy fellow; always hunting and what not. Much of my childhood weekends were spent on camping trips, taking hikes in the mountains or, if it was hunting season, making sure to avoid the back room where he cleaned the meat lol

He liked his gifts, and said that now he had a perfect excuse to buy a new TV hahaha (They haven’t had a TV in 2 years, they wanted to get back to basics). I got to dance around with Mama Bear in the kitchen, have delicious food and great conversation. Everything from movies and mermaids to food and turtles. My little cousin Anthony was even being a sweetheart, and thats saying a lot since he in his early teens! hahaha Another great family event.

Before I forget to mention, I’ve decided to do the Fat Mum Slim June Photo A Day Challenge. So I will be incorporating the different day selection in with my posts. Today’s prompt:
B is for…

Bottles and Birthdays.

I just wanted to switch things up a little, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Anyone one else doing the challenge as well?

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

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