Gypsy vs. Adrian

A couple weeks ago I had Gypsy with me when I went to pick up Adrian from work. This is how she greeted him.

Gypsy is not a mean dog by any means; she’s very loving and well tempered. We noticed when she’d get scolded or if she was really excited, she’d do her little tail wag but she’d show her teeth. It’s the strangest thing and absolutely hilarious.

Adrian will sing, “Gypysippy” to her and she makes that face every time. I’m not sure if she just doesn’t like his singing voice, but she only does it to him. Of course that means he does it more, so she’ll do it.

When we got home today it was different. They both were being really lovey!

Gypsy would touch his face and kept planting kisses on him. It was adorable.

As its day two of the photo challenge, this pic was a perfect choice for “A Moment”.

Do your pets have any funny habits? Or do you have any little songs for them?

Sweetest dreams!

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