Turn It Out Tuesday: Treat Time

We’ve decided to get serious about eating cleaner so we can get in shape. With that in mind, and the fact that I have a sweet tooth, I had to find a healthy alternative.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I a huge fan of fitness expert, Flavia Del Monte. I was visiting her site and came across a recipe for a High Protein Dessert.

They were really tasty and super simple to make. Plus you can have them as a post workout snack too.

With it getting so hot(it’s been over 100!), I wanted to make some treats for the dogs. I came across a few different recipes, and made some frozen strawberry cubes.

Akira and Bruce enjoyed them, the other two weren’t to keen on them. The next batch I’ll try using chicken broth.

No actual meal tonight though. I had an interview today, and Mama Bear was staying home as well. Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll be back at it.

Just in case you wondered, “Umm, no post on Monday?” I was out celebrating my best friend Micky’s (orange shirt) birthday.

We’ve known each other over 10 years and she’s awesome. We get each other. It was a blast hanging out with her cousin, and catching up.

Now I’m gonna catch up on some bonding time with Adrian, and revisit childhood by watching Goosebumps hahaha

Sweetest dreams ❤

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