Back to Normal(ish).

Geewillackers! Finally some time to catch up!

First things first: I can breathe again (kind of)! Thanks to my good friend Bright, who bought me some all natural nasal spray. Xylitol Xclear Sinus Care Spray works like magic. I couldn’t be more thankful, it was an awesome surprise.

Let me give you the Reader’s Digest version of the past few days. Saturday we made it out for a run and went to Adrian’s parents to celebrate Father’s Day. His Mom made tacos and his sister made her delicious salsa (we even got to take some home!); some good quality family time. Sunday I found a hidden treasure:

Will and Grace: Season Three!!! We’ve been looking for it for months, I was so excited. We also made elk lettuce wraps Mmm mmm!!!

I’ve also been preparing for my last day at my current job and I had training yesterday at the new one. I’m having a hard time believing I’m actually leaving and starting some where new. A little surreal…(dare I say even a bit Stockholm Syndromesque? lol) but I can’t wait to walk out of that place for good.

For today we made Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Mango !!!

These were a cinch to make, Mama Bear and I recruited the Minions to help out again. This time however they weren’t that into making it, as they were to eat them. Kids.

Again we went on our evening run. Adrian got an elevation mask thing to help him train. I now have Darth Vader as a running partner. I’ll try and get a pic to share.

Well…I’ve missed you all! Feels nice to catch up :]

Huge computer hugs and clear breathing!

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