A REAL Weekend!

Finally – I could actually enjoy a weekend! Hooray!

Saturday was jam packed it felt like. I got Mama Bear to come along to an event that was hosted by my cousin Breanne’s charity group, Customized Ladies. It was great! My Tia Margie(Bre’s mom) was also there to show support.
20130624-230558.jpgMama Bear & Tia
Mama Bear even won a raffle! I also picked up these bad boys:


I couldn’t help it, I fell in love. After it was over we went to one of our favorite restaurants Blue Willow. It’s amazing. The best part was just being able to hang out with Mama Bear and be out and about. I adore those times.

Oh! Adrian also bought a new car! I’m so excited for him. He’s so happy. No more waiting or getting up when we don’t have to hahaha

Today was also my first official day at the new place. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I anticipated, but it was still challenging. I also now have no nail and semi calluses on my thumbs due to popping out lenses. There goes any thoughts of a cute manicure in the near future…uuuugh. Lol But hey, so far so good.

The only negative from this weekend is the sunburn I acquired. Other then that, it was amazing.

On to day two tomorrow…positive thoughts :]

Breathing easy ❤

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