Highlights(in life, not hair.)

Hell to the yes- we have hot water back!!! We had to relocate our gas meter, and for safety they turned off our gas for a week. Total first world problems, but I’m beyond happy that we’ve got it back. Cold showers are not for this girl.

The start of the work week was pretty crappy, but I actually got to leave early today and my coworker gave me a pair of sandals she was getting rid of.

Not to shabby. Just got to make an outfit to go with it πŸ‘

Mama Bear finally came back from her trip, and she had a blast! I got to hear all about it as I drove her home in the twister like storm we had yesterday. I kept expecting a cow to whirl past the windshield hahahaha
Get excited because we’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow, and may have a guest cook.

And my new current favorite thing:

SLAM! It Advocare’s version of a 5 Hour Energy, only way better and good for you. I’ve had awful experiences with 5 Hours, so I was a bit skeptical. To my delight, the Slam was delicious and I didn’t feel queasy or jittery after. I had sustained energy and no crash-bonus!

I feel like I’m missing something…meh. How’ve ya’ll been?

If your day or week has been a little rocky, I hope this brings a smile to your face…



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