Pleasantly Surprised.

It’s amazing how time flies whilst wondering around Walgreens. It was nearing dinner time so I texted the man friend to see what I should pick up or maybe we’d grab some fast food. Much to my delight his response was, ” Lets’s go somewhere :)”. I immediately scurried to check out to get home and get ready.

Dinner was absolutely splendid.

Yes, the man friend and I live together, however that doesn’t mean we actually spend a lot of quality time together. It’s always nice when just the two of us can “get away” and enjoy each others company. We got out of our comfort zone and tried random rolls of sushi and indulged in some beer (I had to have a Sapporo!).
We got to people watch, catch up with each other and most importantly: relax. There’s nothing better then being in the moment and enjoying it with my sweetness.

No pictures, it was a technology free evening for the most part. Although I will be sure to take some shots on my day trip tomorrow. I’m very excited- Mama Bear, Tia Margie and I will be going to a Chile Festival tomorrow!

What’s been going on with everyone? Getting ready for the long weekend?

Can’t wait to catch up on my blog reading this weekend!

Sweet dreams ❤

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