I’m alive! Just in case you were wondering ;]

I feel bad about not being on recently, but I figured you’d appreciate a post of a quality opposed to quantity.

Allow me to bring you up to speed:

I started my new job Monday…oh my word! It was absolute chaos, and one of the main guys was out of the office all week. Perfect timing right?

Even with my two training days, it did not prepare me at all for everything I’d be expected to do. I was just thrown in. There were definite moments of frustration, but I just had to push through them. I’m thankful the days would go by quickly. As “easy” as it is, there are a lot of procedures to remember and requires extreme attention to detail. I’ve been having dreams of numbers and orders lol As I keep saying, so far so good.

For once, “T.G.I.F” had real meaning to me and I had my first official weekend. Breanne’s birthday was this past week, so she had party yesterday at her house. The family and a bunch of her friends came to celebrate.

One of them made her a Darth Maul piñata (super cool!) and the kids had a blast taking a wack at it.

Today Adrian had the day off as well (yay!). We were able to make it to his grand parents house for his little cousins birthday. The highlight was going to Sunday Softball!

His older cousin and wife are part of a little league and host a softball game with friends and family. I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first. I’m not very competitive and I hate having the pressure to perform (bad sports experiences when I was younger). So what happens? I get picked last and am made catcher hahahaha

The game was so much fun! Everyone (most) were really supportive and kept it fun. There were game delays due to storm issues and eventually we had to cut it short because of a down pour. Playing in the rain just made it that much better. Crossing my fingers that we get to do it again soon.

Now is time to relax and get ready for tomorrow. Hoping that this next week will allow me more time to share with you :]

How have you been?

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A REAL Weekend!

Finally – I could actually enjoy a weekend! Hooray!

Saturday was jam packed it felt like. I got Mama Bear to come along to an event that was hosted by my cousin Breanne’s charity group, Customized Ladies. It was great! My Tia Margie(Bre’s mom) was also there to show support.
20130624-230558.jpgMama Bear & Tia
Mama Bear even won a raffle! I also picked up these bad boys:


I couldn’t help it, I fell in love. After it was over we went to one of our favorite restaurants Blue Willow. It’s amazing. The best part was just being able to hang out with Mama Bear and be out and about. I adore those times.

Oh! Adrian also bought a new car! I’m so excited for him. He’s so happy. No more waiting or getting up when we don’t have to hahaha

Today was also my first official day at the new place. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I anticipated, but it was still challenging. I also now have no nail and semi calluses on my thumbs due to popping out lenses. There goes any thoughts of a cute manicure in the near future…uuuugh. Lol But hey, so far so good.

The only negative from this weekend is the sunburn I acquired. Other then that, it was amazing.

On to day two tomorrow…positive thoughts :]

Breathing easy ❤

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Odd Sense of Humor

Aaaaaah, reality TV…you never cease to amaze me. I came across this gem, and had to share.

Newlyweds: The First Year

I made a little montage which made me laugh non stop for five minutes straight.

It’s plastic…I wanna get in the fountain!

Oh, his laugh-I love it!!! Absolutely made my day.

Hope this put a smile on someone’s face.

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So long! Farewell! auf Wiedersehen! Good night!

I tossed and turned all night, last night.

Today was my last day at the Hell Hole. I left early. I didn’t see the point of staying the whole day, I at least stayed for half.

I feel a sense of relief that I’ll never have to go back there again. However I have a bit of anxiousness thinking about starting my new venture. New is always scary, but that’s part of the fun right?


*exhale* Kay, I got that out of my system.

Now I can’t wait to get a good night sleep.


Back to Normal(ish).

Geewillackers! Finally some time to catch up!

First things first: I can breathe again (kind of)! Thanks to my good friend Bright, who bought me some all natural nasal spray. Xylitol Xclear Sinus Care Spray works like magic. I couldn’t be more thankful, it was an awesome surprise.

Let me give you the Reader’s Digest version of the past few days. Saturday we made it out for a run and went to Adrian’s parents to celebrate Father’s Day. His Mom made tacos and his sister made her delicious salsa (we even got to take some home!); some good quality family time. Sunday I found a hidden treasure:

Will and Grace: Season Three!!! We’ve been looking for it for months, I was so excited. We also made elk lettuce wraps Mmm mmm!!!

I’ve also been preparing for my last day at my current job and I had training yesterday at the new one. I’m having a hard time believing I’m actually leaving and starting some where new. A little surreal…(dare I say even a bit Stockholm Syndromesque? lol) but I can’t wait to walk out of that place for good.

For today we made Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Mango !!!

These were a cinch to make, Mama Bear and I recruited the Minions to help out again. This time however they weren’t that into making it, as they were to eat them. Kids.

Again we went on our evening run. Adrian got an elevation mask thing to help him train. I now have Darth Vader as a running partner. I’ll try and get a pic to share.

Well…I’ve missed you all! Feels nice to catch up :]

Huge computer hugs and clear breathing!

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Back Again.

Just when I think I’ll be able to breathe without congestion or fits of sneezing, the allergies come back! UUUGGHHH!!! Though I’m starting to wonder if its just my nose getting dried out from the way I’m breathing…

Because we’re running again!!! Yippee! It feels good to be back at it. However I’m not liking the mentioned nasal issues. It’s very irritating. Am I the only one?

We’ve also been making it a point to not eat out, and we’ve been making some tasty dishes. Tonight I made cilantro quinoa, shrimp, black beans and pico de gallo-esque salsa. Yummy! I didn’t think it would be as filling but I’m stuffed. ( No pics, I’m a terrible blogger I know !)

Now to research some more dinner ideas and try to breathe normally.

Any weekend plans?

Tootaloo for now!

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Putting the Minions to Work.

Mama Bear and I thought it’d be fun to involve the little ladies in our kitchen adventure today. Recently it’s been super hot, like 105+, and the last thing we wanted to do was to use the oven and heat up the house even more. So instead we opted for something simple and that would require very little cook time. Rice Krispies it is! Minds were blown when I said we’d make some out of Fruity Pebbles too. BOOM!

The girls had a blast! They were so excited to really be able to participate. They counted out the cups of cereal, mixed and decorated. They were so proud of their work the girls showed them off to the Tia’s before eating them. The minions did well hahaha

The cherry on top for today was the arrival of my June Ipsy Glambag!!!

Yesss!!! A review will be coming soon :]

How was your Wednesday?

Sweetest dreams! ❤

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Turn It Out Tuesday: New Beginings

Sadly, I wasn’t able to participate in Turn It Out Tuesday. My Tia’s and Mama Bear continued tradition though!

This is what’s left of the scrumptious manicotti they made.

I spent my day training at my new job. I was able to catch on, but there’s going to be more to learn next week too. It’s a lot of different things that can get confusing, but it all makes sense once you do it…get it? Hahaha

After I left there, I went to my Tia’s and was surprised with a full pan for Adrian and I (thoughtful!) AND the girls made a birthday hat and card for Bella.

It’s amazing to think she’s already 9 years old! I can’t put into words how much I love that little furry bitch hahaha

How’ve you been doing? Well I hope. Tomorrow is a new day to conquer.

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Sometimes You Just Need a Cookie.

I got a hankering for some cookies, but I had no eggs or will to go grocery shopping. On I went to trusty ol’ Pinterest and found some amazing no bake recipes. I ended up choosing the Peanut Butter Oatmeal No Bake Cookies !!!

Luckily I had everything it called for and got to mixing. Totally hit the sweet tooth spot.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the Fmsphotoaday, however I’ve been updating it through my instagram and Twitter more often then here.

Day 8: An animal

A familiar face, my Bella. This is an oldie, but I came across it and had to share.

This girl is ready for some shut eye. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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Bonding Time.

My Adrian was back at it on the grill. His younger brother Aaron came over for some quality time.


Burgers, turkey bacon wrapped brats and kabobs!!!

Holy baby jeebus! It was a feast. I even made a make shift sauerkraut from the fajita style veggies to add to the brats. I died!

Being the whiskey fan that he is, Aaron brought along a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. The fellas thought it’s be a good idea to watch Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and take shot when ever they say “Ace” 😳. Yikes.

We’ll now top the evening off with chit chatter and The Hunger Games. Not too shabby.

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