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Highlights(in life, not hair.)

Hell to the yes- we have hot water back!!! We had to relocate our gas meter, and for safety they turned off our gas for a week. Total first world problems, but I’m beyond happy that we’ve got it back. Cold showers are not for this girl.

The start of the work week was pretty crappy, but I actually got to leave early today and my coworker gave me a pair of sandals she was getting rid of.

Not to shabby. Just got to make an outfit to go with it πŸ‘

Mama Bear finally came back from her trip, and she had a blast! I got to hear all about it as I drove her home in the twister like storm we had yesterday. I kept expecting a cow to whirl past the windshield hahahaha
Get excited because we’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow, and may have a guest cook.

And my new current favorite thing:

SLAM! It Advocare’s version of a 5 Hour Energy, only way better and good for you. I’ve had awful experiences with 5 Hours, so I was a bit skeptical. To my delight, the Slam was delicious and I didn’t feel queasy or jittery after. I had sustained energy and no crash-bonus!

I feel like I’m missing something…meh. How’ve ya’ll been?

If your day or week has been a little rocky, I hope this brings a smile to your face…



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Life Update!

Time dragged yet flew by this week ( its possible!). I was beyond ecstatic for the weekend to be here, especially with all the long shifts I’ve had. Whatever- work is work blah blah blah, on to the good stuff! :]

Wednesday marked the end to our cleanse phase with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!! Woo hoo! Now only twelve more days to complete it. I’ve enjoyed it, a weird as that sounds.
I haven’t felt hungry, in fact, I feel like I’m eating all the time! The best part is definitely my increased energy. I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Plus I’ve been sleeping like a baby.
Weight wise I have lost about 6lbs, not to shabby. Adrian has lost 15lbs!!! He’s doing awesome, I’m super proud of him. It’s been fun meal prepping and cooking more. Now we just have to get on our work out routine.

Speaking of cooking, Mama Bear are having some kitchen time tomorrow. Entree AND dessert- all healthy of course! Super stoked.

Precious moments!

What’ve ya’ll been up to? Any plans for the weekend?

Now for some bro/cousin time with the gents!


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Savoring Sunday.

It’s Sunday night already? Geeze…why couldn’t the weekend just have one more day.

The last week also flew by (thank god.), and I’m glad it did. Work has been getting a little crazier. I can handle that, but I’m one of those people who likes SOME guidance so I know what I’m doing. It gets frustrating not knowing reasons and the function of things. *sigh* This week we’ll be short a person, I’m hoping for no breakdowns.

Aside from some stress, things have been good. The Advocare cleanse is going well actually! We been cooking, food prepping, snacking and hydrating like machines. Adrian’s already lost almost 10 lbs, and I feel over all better. I even feel lighter. We’ve been sticking to the guidelines, and are ready for phase two!

And finally- some cooking time with Mama Bear! Today we concocted a Ground Turkey Casserole( I got the recipe from Pinterest.) Well for us it was more of a ground turkey and elk casserole (you know we love modifying things!). We also added some chipotle chile for some kick.

It was an awesome afternoon of chatting and chopping. While we waited for it to bake, I had Mama Bear show me the first few episodes of Drop Dead Diva. She’s been raving about it, and I didn’t want to just cook and leave! Hahaha The show was so good! It’s funny and really heart felt, can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.

Hope you enjoyed this wee post. I have to hit the hay. I have to be at work early unfortunately, but maybe I’ll get out early. Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

Sweet dreams and easy breathing! ❀

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Worst Blogger Ever.

If that was an award, I’d win it. With my new work schedule, I haven’t had any cooking time with Mama Bear. Yes, I have also had writer’s block been lazy (okay, you got me!). I’m working on it- got to take it one day at a time.

I did get to enjoy a nice four day weekend. Happy late 4th of July!!!

Adrian and I went to my Tia Margie’s for a BBQ. We had a perfect view of the fireworks and got some sparklers as well.
We also went bowling for his brother John’s birthday(he’s a Fourth of July baby) which was a blast!

Since Mama Bear had Bella for the weekend, I went up to hang out with her. We got to run some errands and do some window shopping as well. Gypsy and Bella we’re a bit sad when we were leaving. They love it there.

Today is also the last day of eating crap. Adrian and I are starting the Advocare system, and tomorrow is the beginning of the cleanse. I’m super excited to get it started, and even more so that we’re doing it together. Wish us luck!

How have you been? Hope you had a great weekend all!


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