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Worst Blogger Ever.

If that was an award, I’d win it. With my new work schedule, I haven’t had any cooking time with Mama Bear. Yes, I have also had writer’s block been lazy (okay, you got me!). I’m working on it- got to take it one day at a time.

I did get to enjoy a nice four day weekend. Happy late 4th of July!!!

Adrian and I went to my Tia Margie’s for a BBQ. We had a perfect view of the fireworks and got some sparklers as well.
We also went bowling for his brother John’s birthday(he’s a Fourth of July baby) which was a blast!

Since Mama Bear had Bella for the weekend, I went up to hang out with her. We got to run some errands and do some window shopping as well. Gypsy and Bella we’re a bit sad when we were leaving. They love it there.

Today is also the last day of eating crap. Adrian and I are starting the Advocare system, and tomorrow is the beginning of the cleanse. I’m super excited to get it started, and even more so that we’re doing it together. Wish us luck!

How have you been? Hope you had a great weekend all!

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I’m alive! Just in case you were wondering ;]

I feel bad about not being on recently, but I figured you’d appreciate a post of a quality opposed to quantity.

Allow me to bring you up to speed:

I started my new job Monday…oh my word! It was absolute chaos, and one of the main guys was out of the office all week. Perfect timing right?

Even with my two training days, it did not prepare me at all for everything I’d be expected to do. I was just thrown in. There were definite moments of frustration, but I just had to push through them. I’m thankful the days would go by quickly. As “easy” as it is, there are a lot of procedures to remember and requires extreme attention to detail. I’ve been having dreams of numbers and orders lol As I keep saying, so far so good.

For once, “T.G.I.F” had real meaning to me and I had my first official weekend. Breanne’s birthday was this past week, so she had party yesterday at her house. The family and a bunch of her friends came to celebrate.

One of them made her a Darth Maul piñata (super cool!) and the kids had a blast taking a wack at it.

Today Adrian had the day off as well (yay!). We were able to make it to his grand parents house for his little cousins birthday. The highlight was going to Sunday Softball!

His older cousin and wife are part of a little league and host a softball game with friends and family. I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first. I’m not very competitive and I hate having the pressure to perform (bad sports experiences when I was younger). So what happens? I get picked last and am made catcher hahahaha

The game was so much fun! Everyone (most) were really supportive and kept it fun. There were game delays due to storm issues and eventually we had to cut it short because of a down pour. Playing in the rain just made it that much better. Crossing my fingers that we get to do it again soon.

Now is time to relax and get ready for tomorrow. Hoping that this next week will allow me more time to share with you :]

How have you been?

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A REAL Weekend!

Finally – I could actually enjoy a weekend! Hooray!

Saturday was jam packed it felt like. I got Mama Bear to come along to an event that was hosted by my cousin Breanne’s charity group, Customized Ladies. It was great! My Tia Margie(Bre’s mom) was also there to show support.
20130624-230558.jpgMama Bear & Tia
Mama Bear even won a raffle! I also picked up these bad boys:


I couldn’t help it, I fell in love. After it was over we went to one of our favorite restaurants Blue Willow. It’s amazing. The best part was just being able to hang out with Mama Bear and be out and about. I adore those times.

Oh! Adrian also bought a new car! I’m so excited for him. He’s so happy. No more waiting or getting up when we don’t have to hahaha

Today was also my first official day at the new place. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I anticipated, but it was still challenging. I also now have no nail and semi calluses on my thumbs due to popping out lenses. There goes any thoughts of a cute manicure in the near future…uuuugh. Lol But hey, so far so good.

The only negative from this weekend is the sunburn I acquired. Other then that, it was amazing.

On to day two tomorrow…positive thoughts :]

Breathing easy ❤

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Putting the Minions to Work.

Mama Bear and I thought it’d be fun to involve the little ladies in our kitchen adventure today. Recently it’s been super hot, like 105+, and the last thing we wanted to do was to use the oven and heat up the house even more. So instead we opted for something simple and that would require very little cook time. Rice Krispies it is! Minds were blown when I said we’d make some out of Fruity Pebbles too. BOOM!

The girls had a blast! They were so excited to really be able to participate. They counted out the cups of cereal, mixed and decorated. They were so proud of their work the girls showed them off to the Tia’s before eating them. The minions did well hahaha

The cherry on top for today was the arrival of my June Ipsy Glambag!!!

Yesss!!! A review will be coming soon :]

How was your Wednesday?

Sweetest dreams! ❤

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Birthday Celebration for the Mountain Man

I know, I know…,”Another family get together?!” I can’t help it, I have a large family! Hahaha

Today we celebrated John’s ( my step dad) birthday, or as he’s lovingly referred to the Mountain Man. He’s an outdoorsy fellow; always hunting and what not. Much of my childhood weekends were spent on camping trips, taking hikes in the mountains or, if it was hunting season, making sure to avoid the back room where he cleaned the meat lol

He liked his gifts, and said that now he had a perfect excuse to buy a new TV hahaha (They haven’t had a TV in 2 years, they wanted to get back to basics). I got to dance around with Mama Bear in the kitchen, have delicious food and great conversation. Everything from movies and mermaids to food and turtles. My little cousin Anthony was even being a sweetheart, and thats saying a lot since he in his early teens! hahaha Another great family event.

Before I forget to mention, I’ve decided to do the Fat Mum Slim June Photo A Day Challenge. So I will be incorporating the different day selection in with my posts. Today’s prompt:
B is for…

Bottles and Birthdays.

I just wanted to switch things up a little, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Anyone one else doing the challenge as well?

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

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What the…Wednesday

Mama Bear and I did have a Turn It Out Tuesday yesterday, but it was a dish we’ve done before Stir Fry Pork. We it made especially for Sheila. She’s going out if town and Mama Bear wanted to make her something. It came out different, but it’s mainly due to using the proper noodles. Mmm mmm!

Oh! I did get my Ipsy Glambag Monday, and have been testing out the products. I’m thinking tomorrow or Friday, I’ll give a little review. I’m loving everything so far.

Tonight, this happened:

A little bit of airplane action, during his Dad’s birthday dinner. You never know what’ll happen when these guys get together.

20130515-234255.jpg Even Akira got involved! *I promise no animals were harmed taking these photos

Now time to rest up… Back to the work grind tomorrow.

Deep breaths ❤

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Party Crashers.

As I do every day, I called Mama Bear on my lunch break. She let me know that my Tia’s were going to be heading to my Tio’s house for a little cookout; nothing big, just something to celebrate my late grandparents wedding anniversary.

So after work, Adrian and I decided to head over. Typically my cousins would be there (either Billy or Louie or both). As we drove up, no signs of their cars and that’s when we saw it was just the “grown ups”.

You know when you were younger, and either your Mom or your friends parent tried to hang out? That semi-awkward buzz kill feeling? Yep, that was Us. Hahaha

Once we said our hellos and got a drink, we got settled. It was actually really nice. We were having random conversations, I was listening to their stories…I loved it (did I mention the yummy carne asada, salsa, guacamole and beans!?).

As hesitant as I was to go, I’m glad we did. The stress if the day went away. It wasn’t until I finished my plate did the sleepiness set in. The night just made me really count my lucky stars that I have them. I’m extremely thankful.

Hoping you had great night!

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Birthday Recovery.

My body is barely starting to feel normal again. Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated a little more then I intended.

After some shopping my Adrian and I went to a late lunch with Billy. Neither of them have had a sake bomb, so what better excuse then it being my birthday to get them to try one.

20130430-202640.jpgthanks Billy for the pic!

20130430-213933.jpganother from Billy

The sushi was amazing, then it was off to 4th Avenue to meet up with friends. Since it was Monday I wasn’t really expecting anyone to come out. I was so excited to see everyone that did. I’m pretty sure everyone got a dozen hugs each. My little heart was warmed.
The weather was perfect, everyone was in good spirits…then everything got kicked up a notch. Or ten. Hahaha Nothing bad happened- I promise! I just may or may not have danced on a stage with a Drag Queen. C’est La Vie!

All that fun meant me being half alive today, and lounging around with Adrian. Being the amazing guy that he is, not only did he take care of me- he grilled for us!

The wings blew my mind! He even made some brats and chicken (basically heaven in your mouth!). Delicious!

Time for a glass of ginger ale and more couch time.

Wishing you a great start to your week!

Breathe easy ❤

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Happy Birthday to my Mama!

This whole blogging adventure was actually inspired by the birthday girl, Mama Bear. It all started out with her teaching me how to make lasagna, so Adrian and I could have a home cooked meal. From there it just took off. Since I didn’t want to bombard everyone’s Facebook timeline with just food pics the idea came: I could make a blog about our cooking ventures. Now here we are :]

20130428-183159.jpgThis was our first Tuesday.

My Mom and I have been close since forever. When I was younger, we’d rent foreign and indie movies and have marathons during the weekends. Then there was our shared guilty pleasure of watching reality tv shows (Love them!). Once we were no longer in the same nest, we had to find other ways to spend time together. Our first ventures included treks up Tumamoc Hill and progressed to hikes on Mt. Lemmon.

One of the greatest things about my Mom is that she’s always up for an adventure. She’s always challenging herself and isn’t afraid to try new things. It doesn’t hurt that she has one of the biggest hearts I know.

20130428-185525.jpg Old work photo(she’s since retired from the City), Us, On vacation

There you have it, my wonderful Mama. Words can’t describe how much I love and adore her. As basic as I can, it’s a LOT hahaha


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Three for One 🎉🎈🎂

Since Mama Bear’s birthday is tomorrow and mine and my cousins husband Jeff’s birthdays are Monday; today was the family get together.

I had a half day at work so I could get to the house early to finish the cupcakes and make some appetizers. There was a lot of running around, saying hellos and cooking. The kitties (Boots and Tiger) stole the show. Everyone was watching them wrestle around and explore outside. There was horseshoe playing, a million conversations going on and of course amazing food.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pics really, but I did snap how the cupcakes turned out hahaha. I made the frosting out of Greek yogurt, and it was just the right amount of sweetness.
(1 c of Greek yogurt, about a Tbs of vanilla extract and 1/2 c of powder sugar. Mix until thickened, refrigerate for 30 minutes and then spread it on!)

I always love when the party starts to die down, and everyone left gathers for some random conversation. The best.

Adrian is needing attention, so I better get going (“Are you writing about me? Are you gonna write about me asking to write about me?” I kid you not.)

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!

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