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Day Trippin’.

Chile chile chile chiiiiiileee…CHIII-LE!!! That was the theme song of yesterday’s excursion (Yes that was to the tune of “For the Love of Money” by The O’Jays).

Off I journeyed with Mama Bear and Tia Margie on the three hour ride to Hatch, New Mexico. We met up with my Tio Willy and Tia Selma who stayed in a town over and together we visited the Hatch 42nd Chile Featival. As we came up the hill before town, we could see the massive line of cars waiting to enter the Festival. We drove past the line, the smell of roasted chile hit us in the face. Mmm!

Since the line ended in the middle of town , we decided that’s where we’d start.

20130901-142607.jpg Mama Bear thought she’d try and be sneaky and not take a pic, but I got her!! Hahaha

The streets were lined with vendors. Who knew chile was so popular? The colors were so vibrant, and though the aroma of the roasting was strong it was still a delight.

One of the local businesses covers their roof with hundreds of chiles every year for the festival; its definitely a sight to see! We wondered the town ( I even took a picture as a chile!), had lunch (red/green chile pork burritos. so tender and the perfect amount of heat!), then we went to the actual Festival.

Since we got there later in the day, unfortunately we missed the cool events. They have a parade and chile eating contests. From the green chile burrito I had at lunch, I’m sure eating them plain was no easy task!
It was still packed when we arrived. There were carnival rides, live music and mud volleyball. Throughout the whole day there was never a shortage of chile anything. Candy, jams, popcorn, jerky, apparel….they had it all.

It was a great day spent with family. Between the random car ride conversations that made us laugh till we had tears, and the sights I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Have any of you ever been? Do you prefer red or green chile?

Ta-ta for now! ❀

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