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How Could I Forget!?

The weekend is upon us once again ya’ll! Unfortunately we won’t have any kitchen time (bummer I know). Mama Bear is going on a road trip with my Tia Margie (luckies) for a whole week! I am not am totally jealous! They’re going to have an amazing time, I’m actually super excited for them. But who’s gonna cook with me?

So since I didn’t post it last weekend, this is what we whipped up:

Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole!!! I found it on Pinterest (of course), and had to make it. I ended up making one for the Tia’s and one for Adrian and I. I really liked it, just wish I added more cheese. You can never have too much cheese.

I’m just relieved that tomorrow is Friday. Things have been a little stressful lately. I’ve been doing my best to keep it together, and not be such a worry wort. I can’t help it, it runs in the family. Maybe I just need some rest…that sounds good. :]

You know what else sounds good? Buffalo wings from Rocco’s. Lets see if I can talk my Adrian into it.

Hope you’re week has been great!


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Girls Just Wanna Dye Eggs.


This evening I was invited to do some egg dying with some of my girlfriends. My friend Rachel found a DIY egg dying recipe on Pinterest that only used water and koolaid, so we figured we’d give it a shot.

As luck would have it, someone bought a regular dye kit just in case. Turns out the koolaid/water mixture only really works with certain colors. Grape turned the eggs into a creepy grey rather then anything that resembled purple. Next time we’ll just need to buy more flavored and mix more.
Even with the color blunders, it was still a success. We had fun doing the decorating, discussed awful things that we’d seen recently and caught each other up on our lives.
Not too shabby.

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