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Pleasantly Surprised.

It’s amazing how time flies whilst wondering around Walgreens. It was nearing dinner time so I texted the man friend to see what I should pick up or maybe we’d grab some fast food. Much to my delight his response was, ” Lets’s go somewhere :)”. I immediately scurried to check out to get home and get ready.

Dinner was absolutely splendid.

Yes, the man friend and I live together, however that doesn’t mean we actually spend a lot of quality time together. It’s always nice when just the two of us can “get away” and enjoy each others company. We got out of our comfort zone and tried random rolls of sushi and indulged in some beer (I had to have a Sapporo!).
We got to people watch, catch up with each other and most importantly: relax. There’s nothing better then being in the moment and enjoying it with my sweetness.

No pictures, it was a technology free evening for the most part. Although I will be sure to take some shots on my day trip tomorrow. I’m very excited- Mama Bear, Tia Margie and I will be going to a Chile Festival tomorrow!

What’s been going on with everyone? Getting ready for the long weekend?

Can’t wait to catch up on my blog reading this weekend!

Sweet dreams ❤

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Crazy Nights.

Behold the craziness:

My Adrian and I had a nice sushi dinner and came home to these lazy bums. It really makes me wonder what they do when we’re not around hahaha

Of course they can’t lay on the floor, they have to be on the couch or on me. Spoiled rotten they are!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the restaurant we ate at. It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t good either if that makes any sense hahaha The dinner was still enjoyable though. Plus the moon is gorgeous tonight!

Anyone have a thrilling evening like we did? ;] Hope your start of the weekend is a good one!

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Birthday Recovery.

My body is barely starting to feel normal again. Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated a little more then I intended.

After some shopping my Adrian and I went to a late lunch with Billy. Neither of them have had a sake bomb, so what better excuse then it being my birthday to get them to try one.

20130430-202640.jpgthanks Billy for the pic!

20130430-213933.jpganother from Billy

The sushi was amazing, then it was off to 4th Avenue to meet up with friends. Since it was Monday I wasn’t really expecting anyone to come out. I was so excited to see everyone that did. I’m pretty sure everyone got a dozen hugs each. My little heart was warmed.
The weather was perfect, everyone was in good spirits…then everything got kicked up a notch. Or ten. Hahaha Nothing bad happened- I promise! I just may or may not have danced on a stage with a Drag Queen. C’est La Vie!

All that fun meant me being half alive today, and lounging around with Adrian. Being the amazing guy that he is, not only did he take care of me- he grilled for us!

The wings blew my mind! He even made some brats and chicken (basically heaven in your mouth!). Delicious!

Time for a glass of ginger ale and more couch time.

Wishing you a great start to your week!

Breathe easy ❤

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